zaterdag 28 april 2012

zondag 22 april 2012

dinsdag 17 april 2012

New TVKILLZ shirts coming up

Basic tvkillz shirts and limited edition funky colour shirts(6 of each colour).
 available from the 2 nd of mai..(on the stroke)

maandag 16 april 2012

Stroke urban art fair

From 3-6 mai we will attend the Stroke Urban art fair in munich
we hope you can visit us..

donderdag 5 april 2012

woensdag 4 april 2012

Fear nothing!!!

40 x40 cm acrylics on linnen

Stroke urban art fair

Happy to announce that i'm gonna attend the Stroke art fair in Munich mai 2012

The beach exhibition

These are parts of a free beach exhibition which was planned..
The plan was to put 15-20 puppets on the main road to the beach.
Then when they were finished , paint a big road map on the first house on the main road with prices etc..
Before the plan was finished the government decided to buff 80 % of the painted artworks so the exhibition was cancelled..:)

maandag 2 april 2012

Color Revolution Chemnitz 2012

TVKILLZ & Ces 53 will be participating  at " The color revolution in Chemnitz 2012" this will be a real nice event..More info later or click the link

just clowning

acrylics on linnen
60x60 cm