vrijdag 4 oktober 2013

The robot stories:)

 2 years ago i decided to stop painting on canvas , and started collecting posters of the berlin streets to have a different media to work on.
Offcourse i pick only posters i like and that fit my work a bit. 
The fun part is that everytime that i do or contribute in a exhibition in Berlin , the maker, promoter or a friend of the guy who designed it is at the exhibition...
It is always fun to see how people react on it!
Sometimes they like it , sometimes they hate it but that is fine with me

Most of the time i dont even look at which party or festival it is.
The pieces of the robot come from

donderdag 3 oktober 2013

Stroke urban artfair , Berlin 2013

Sold at the first day of the Stroke, Berlin
tvkillz 4 piece acrylics on pieces of paint from the Berlin wall!
TVKILLZ piece acrylics on posters also sold.