donderdag 28 februari 2013

donnerstag bar at kunsthalle Berlin tonight!!

this thursday get ready for a special DONNERSTAGSBAR. it will be a blast - guaranteed! Kolja Kugler is bringing his robots for an exclusive performance. DJ's Alexander Koning (Perception, Amsterdam) and Sander Baan (Club de Visionair, Mobilee etc) will round up the PLATOON members & friends night.

Kolja Kugler, a native Berlin artist, collaborated with The Mutoid Waste Company in the early nineties. they lived, worked and exhibited on the former cold war frontline, Potsdamer Platz. following years of traveling in Europe with the underground Art movement group Alien Pulse Agency, Kolja took of on his own independent travels around the world and exhibited his largest robotic sculpture “Sir Elton Junk”.

from the PLATOON crew Ubin will do the barshift. beware of the Korean speciality which she'll bring with her.

doors open at 21.00.

get on the list by joining the facebook event and throw the dice to support the artists.

donderdag 7 februari 2013

I want one for X-mas
the price of this baby was 7500 Euro
or 15789 G..